Who are we - Professional Hot Melt Adhesive Materials Manufacturer

We are professional hot melt adhesive materials manufacturer, hot melt adhesive solution expert, and hot melt adhesive research team. Our company has established for 19 years,we has almost 500 clients that come from 32 countries. strong sales team and sales network, professional R&D team

What we offer ?

Diversification of products and professional custom product family
(Modified Hot Melt Adhesive Film)

Our commitment (quality first, service first)

Why choose ZP ?
  • High quality

  • Comprehensive production line, and superior supporting service (one-stop shopping)

  • Customized production (modified products)

  • 19 years experience manufacturer

  • Powerful suppliers (EMS, etc ...)

  • strong sales team and sales network

  • powerful R&D team

  • Good warranty (quality control in the production process, quality control before packing,2 years warranty)

Our advantages

1.We have strong research and development ability and comprehensive production line.

2. We have 8 major production lines and 2 custom production lines

3. Our factory equipped with advanced production equipment and laboratory equipment.

4. Productivity (per day): 30000 meters film for noniron garment, 46000 m2 mesh point film, 10000 m2 hot melt net with paper, 6000 m2 hot melt net without paper, 10000 m2 hot melt film, 60000 m2 hot melt web.

5. Deliver on time, the error is within 3 days.

6. We are one of the only two manufacturers in the world to produce two products, and one of the only three manufacturers to produce one product.

7.We have several cooperative projects cooperate with 2 research institution and graduate school.